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Albany CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, May 7

Please join me in ensuring that there is enough for all.

Dawn Dana

Dick and I have been involved in the CROP Hunger Walk for a very long time. We pushed our kids in strollers in early Walks, and later they walked with us. This is a cause that's close to our hearts. We walk to raise funds for our local food pantries and feeding programs, and for the relief programs of Church World Service around the world. We also walk in solidarity with those who must walk daily to meet the needs of their families. We walk to raise awareness of hunger and food insecurity, and to advocate for better, more sustainable solutions. In our current political climate, awareness and advocacy are more needed than ever.

We would be so grateful for your support of our efforts. There IS enough for all, and thank you for helping to make it so.
- Dawn



raised of $800 goal
Captain of

Team UU


Recent Donations

1. TTed Lorraine
Dawn - and Dick - I join you in this Walk in support & in spirit each year, (as I did in person at the 25th.) and applaud your leadership. My be-late-Ted gift and cheers. Ted Lorraine, coordinator of Albany CROP Hunger Walk, 1984 & 1985.
2. DBDavid Bomke
Sorry that I was late to the support team, but I am grateful for your and Dick's ongoing support of your community.
3. Dawn Dana
4. MGMarcia Gadway
5. HTHarvey Tress
Dawn-- Should I wish you sore feet?
6. SMSusan Moyle Lynch
Thank you for your dedication to this important effort, Dawn!