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Barrington Area CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 13
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I'm helping to end hunger!

Rory Cooney

Let's fight against hunger together.

I wish I'd kept track of how many years I've been walking in the Crop Hunger walk with my friends from St. Anne and our Barrington neighbors. I have records going back to 2007, so I know it has been longer than that. Sister Lorraine Menheer got me started in that along with so many other things, and the constant witness of Adrienne and Paul Kalmes in the parish also wakes me up to participate every year. The generous folks in the St. Anne Music Ministry never fail to participate in the walk, both with their feet and their donations.

Be part of the worldwide effort to address the needs of the hungry and to end hunger. Join us in prayer and donation for the October 13 Hunger Walk in Barrington. A few clicks, and you'll be there. Or just mail me a check made out to "CROPWALK/CWS" and mail to Rory Cooney, c/o St. Anne Catholic Community, 120 N Ela Street, Barrington IL 60010. Thank you!

- Rory



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