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Gallatin Valley CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 18

We're fighting hunger together!

Manhattan Presbyterian

Our team is taking action this year to help families living with hunger. We're asking everyone who can to help Manhattan Presbyterian reach these two goals:
1) more meals for the growing number of people who need them in our community, and
2) more food security around the world.

Please donate to our team today to make these goals a reality! 

- Manhattan Presbyterian


raised of $1,000 goal

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Recent Donations

1. LKLain Kay
2. OOld ex-Principal
Compliments of: Izzy,Jeter,Buster,Pottie,Thunder,Brown,and The Squrminator.
3. RGRobin George
Proud of you Debbie!! Have a great walk. I wish I was there to walk with you. Love you.
4. SHShirley Harrison
5. LVLynn V
Thank you for supporting this cause. I wish I could be there to walk with you.
6. STSally T
Debbie, what a caring thing for you to do. Have fun walking 😊