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Champaign/Urbana CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 14
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I'm helping to end hunger!

Anthony Stauder

Let's fight against hunger together

CROP Hunger Walks brings Champaign-Urbana together in a common cause: helping hungry people at home and around the world. For every $25 you donate, $6.25 stays in our community to support Eastern Illinois Food Bank, Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, Sola Gratia Farm, and Wesley Food Pantry. The remainder goes toward poverty-relief projects worldwide.

Here are some examples of how donations are put to work:
* $15 - Seeds for a family garden.
* $24 - Chickens for a family.
* $50 - Disaster preparedness training.
* $64 - Chickens, gardening and clean water access for a family.
* $115 - Household latrine.
* $150 - Rehabilitate 10 malnourished children at the Therapeutic Feeding Center.
* $225 - Home gardening for 15 families.
* $640 - Chickens, gardening, and clean water for 10 families
* $5,000 - Clean water for 200 families or about 1,000 people.

I'm excited to be part of it and would love to have you join me on this journey. The steps we take - and the funds we raise - will make a real impact!

Peace and blessings,



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