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Chapel Hill/Carrboro CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, March 29
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Imagine being hungry, homeless, or displaced in the middle of a pandemic..

Carol Prokop

The normal channels of support are seriously disrupted or totally shut down - free school lunches and breakfasts, food collections at churches and universities and clinics. Lost wages, millions of new applications for unemployment benefits in the U.S. The line of folks coming for free lunches at the Community Kitchen where I volunteer hasn't gotten shorter - only, now they have to do take-out for social distancing and the safety of staff and volunteers. Funds are down, and the need is way up. Please think about it and be generous. I believe in these folks, put my money and my time where my mouth is.
Be safe, be well,



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Carol, I admire your loyalty to this program, rain or shine, virus or no.
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