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Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk Saturday, October 14
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KDKA Wassum

It’s that time of the year again and on SATURDAY OCTOBER 14th we will once again raise money to fight world hunger by walking in the CHARLOTTE CROPWALK. It will be our 30th walk but who’s counting. Last year, with your support and generosity, we were able to raise over $4,000 to fight hunger.

When we started walking there weren't many walks, runs, relays, marathons, and bikes to wherever fundraisers. Now there seems like there is one every other weekend. The need for relief remains high and with the recent hurricane the demand is significant. And in Charlotte the need for food to fill the shelves of Loaves and Fishes, Second Harvest Bank, Crisis Assistance, and other shelter programs is growing. If you have already given, we understand, but if you can help others by supporting our walk it will be appreciated.

30 years is a long time. We are often asked “why do you walk?”.
• We walk because we can.
• We walk because we must.
• We walk for those who are unable to walk.
• We walk for those who must walk for what we have at our finger tips.
• We walk to make others aware of those who have much less than us, and often can barely get by.
• We walk to help create sustainable food and water supplies.
• We walk to fill our local pantries that soon will empty.
• We because we are called to love God, and serve our neighbors.

Our goals this year are simple:

• Raise at least $4000 to
• Complete the walk, and
• Meet other members of our community & raise awareness of world hunger.

Because sponsors cover the administrative overhead costs of CROPWALK every dollar that is donated actually goes to providing DIRECT RELIEF FOR WORLD HUNGER. AND OF COURSE, GIFTS TO CROP ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Most CROP dollars are channeled through the Church World Service (CWS), but gifts can be designated to different approved international hunger fighting agencies, e.g. Lutheran World Relief, etc. (I have the list). It is also nice to know, that up to 25% of the funding is used locally to fight hunger through Crisis Assistance, Loaves and Fishes, and Second Harvest Food Bank to serve our community directly.
We will graciously accept any pledge or donation. No amount is too small, and every dollar can make a difference in fighting hunger here and abroad. It's amazing how far $1 will go toward purchasing staples. The organizers ask that we secure the donation at the time of pledge. If that is possible, great, but if not we can collect the pledge after the walk. Either way is fine. If you are interested, you can sponsor us by (1) making a pledge through this site or (2) send us an email message, and we will record your pledge.


KDKA WASSUM (Keith, Diane Kate & Allie…and this year Brynn)

P.S.: Checks should be made out to Church World Service/CROP



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