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Columbia CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, September 20
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Walk.   Give.   Change the world.

Our community believes in ending hunger. And, in 2020, we will continue to fight against the new challenges of disease and disaster that leave people hungry. Join with us in raising funds to help neighbors near and far get the meals they need this year.

Walkers have reported $9,300 in online and offline gifts!
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WALKING TOGETHER, APART   (updated October 27)

Even though we haven’t walked together, Columbia has demonstrated that we STILL Walk even stronger in this pandemic-plagued year!  You’ve given of your resources of time and dollars without hesitation in the face of uncertainty, so our neighbors can have their uncertainty lessened.

This amount is only $425 less than last year!  (deposited and online gifts total $14,622, plus, we’ve received word that another check for $1,861.00 is expected).  How amazing.  Our friends at the Columbia Food Programs will not have to “make do” with less. 

Earlier in the month, we challenged you to get us to 70% of last year… and we’re at 97.5%! 

AND…  there are still a few more days to add contributions that will count toward the award of the traveling trophy to the Top Fundraiser group.    Submit your donations online or to our local treasurer no later than November 2. 


WORLD FOOD DAY:  Friday, October 16 was the annual observation of World Food Day in more than 150 countries.  The day is designated to raise awareness of issues behind poverty and hunger. The main focus is that a healthy diet is a basic and fundamental human right.  It is never too late to use this prayer on behalf of our neighbors who need food:

Creator God,  Using your abundant love, the man Jesus blessed five loaves and two fish so that thousands might be fed.

Open our hearts and hands to extend your abundant love today, that we might renew our commitment to ending hunger and poverty in our communities and throughout the world. 

On this day, we honor the global commitment to end extreme hunger and poverty. Empower our advocacy by the strength of your Spirit so that we might persist in fulfilling God’s vision of a world without hunger.

Grant our elected leaders the courage and determination to ensure an equitable distribution of God’s abundant resources so that those experiencing hunger and the effects of the global pandemic may fully thrive.  In your name we pray, Amen.

Together, we can help end hunger in our community and around the world.

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Our event was September 20, but we keep on giving – we’re committed and we're virtual!

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