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Durham CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, April 7

We're fighting hunger together!

Beth El Durham

Our team is helping to end hunger one step at a time by participating in this year's CROP Hunger Walk.

Last year we helped Durham's walk raise $158,800. $5,000 more than the year before! Congratulations to all who worked on this walk, walked, and raised money. Our efforts mean $39,700 was distributed to 12 deserving Durham hunger fighting agencies--while the rest will go to help the hungry around the world.

Today, as I write this, Durham is covered with snow. By the time we walk this spring, Beth El's new home will be almost finished. Our neighbors have taken care of us during our transition. I hope that you will consider a donation to Cropwalk to help our neighbors who struggle with food insecurity.

Beth El's Durham team is one of the top five among faith communities. Help us continue to play a significant role in feeding the hungry--join our team or donate

- Beth El Durham



raised of $7,500 goal

3 Walkers

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Recent Donations

1. CFCarole Fox
Happy to donate, sorry for being so late.
2. ?Anonymous
Way to top last year Beth El Durham!
3. LSLouis Sawyer
Here's to a world with enough food for all.
4. ?Anonymous
As a few more donations come in, I am thrilled to donate again to match the tremendous success of the Beth El Durham team. Feel free to keep donating--I will keep matching. Wouldn't it be amazing to hit $9000?
5. MMMary Joan Mandel
6. MNMichael Null