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Glenbrook CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 18
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If ever there was a year and time, it's this year and it's now

Duayne Meyer

Along with Team NCC and congregations around Chicagoland, and across the United States, I'm helping to raise funds to assist families who are experiencing hunger or suffering in the aftermath of natural disasters. As I write this, Hurricane Delta is moving in on the Gulf Coast. Out west, wildfires continue to rage in parts of California, Washington and Oregon, consuming a total land mass roughly the size of Massachusetts. The pandemic has hurt many who are in service industries, leaving one in ten Food Insecure, many of them children. If ever there was a year and a time to help, it's this year and it's now.

And donating to the Hunger Walk is a way you can help. If you want to donate by sponsoring me or someone on Team NCC, that would be great. If you want to walk and invite more donors, that's great too. But let's not say that this is too big for any of us to do something meaningful to change and to make better. We can and we will.

So, thank you and bless you and yours,

P.S. Our Mission Board Chairman and I are planning on doing something (way) above and beyond the normal 3.5 km walk. Stay tuned!



raised of $1,000 goal


Recent Donations

1. VOVicki Otis
2. BWBarbara Williams
3. DLDiana Lord
4. JHJim Hutten
Thank you for caring as a "lone long Walker!"
5. LJLisa & Jim
Duayne you are the best! Good luck with your walk 😍
6. LDLiz And Kent Dauten
Duayne, Thank you for all that you do. We are happy to support this much needed and worthy organization.
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