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Hyattsville Area CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, May 3
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Walk virtually.   Give online.   Change the world.

Walkers have reported $22,992 in online and offline gifts!
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Update on the coronavirus and virtual CROP Hunger Walk resources. Click here.

Hello, Hyattsville Area CROP Hunger Walk family,

It's time for the 40th Anniversary Add-on! Details follow/


Each year Help-by-Phone receives 25% of the funds that the Hyattsville Area CROP Hunger Walk raises. However, this year the funds raised have only been about half of what is usually donated because of the covid pandemic. A 40th Anniversary Add-On was set up to raise the additional funds (about $5,000) needed to match what Help-by-Phone received last year.

Add-on walk details

The Hyattsville CROP Walk will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a challenge to each participant to walk 40 miles over 40 days from June 8 through July 17. Each walker is asked to find sponsors, who will pledge their support ($1/mile suggested, but any amount is fine). Walkers keep track of their miles and collect the pledged funds from their sponsors. Those funds are turned in to their team captain, and the team captain turns the funds in to Charles Yancey (6801 Calverton Dr., Hyattsville, MD 20782-1014; cwcyancey@verizon.net, 301-434-0880) or to me (Suzanne Hubbard, 9607 Franklin Ave., Lanham, MD 20706; smh1011@erols.com, 301-332-7410). 

The team captains also report the number of participating walkers and miles walked for each walker to me so that I can donate $0.04 per mile for each walker (with a limit of 40 miles per walker) at the end of the challenge.

Sponsor payments

Pledged funds can be paid by cash or check or online. All checks should be made out to "CWS/CROP" with "Help-by-Phone" written in the memo section of the check. The checks and cash will be deposited into the Hyattsville CROP Walk's sponsorship account, and a single check will be sent directly from that account to Help-by-Phone at the end of July. 

Online donations can be made at a GoFundMe page that has been set up (https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/hyattsville-crop-walk-add-on-4-help-by-phone). Because online donations incur a fee of 1.9% of donation plus a $0.30 processing charge per transaction, a little less than 100% of an online donation goes to Help-by-Phone, but online donations provide the convenience of being able to use PayPal and credit cards and all donations go directly to Help-by-Phone from GoFundMe.

If you have any questions, just send me an email or give me a call.

Stay well and safe and keep walking,

P.S. Total funds raised to date by the Hyattsville Area CROP Hunger Walk are estimated to be $28,000 by 100 walkers. Please make sure to turn in your offline funds as soon as possible to our treasurer Yolanda Burnett (16009 Partell Ct., Bowie, MD 20716; yburnett7924@gmail.com; 301-466-1628). The sooner the funds are turned in, the sooner they can be distributed to the many in need!

P.P.S. Please remember to send me your total number of walkers as well as your total funds raised (preferably broken down into online and offline). It's time to start figuring out the 2020 award winners.

P.P.P.S. I'm still hoping to be able to have a big celebration in September, but I won't be able to firm up plans until later in the summer when recovery from the covid pandemic is more stable.

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