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Indiana CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, September 13

We're fighting hunger together!

Calvary Presbyterian Church

Calvary Presbyterian Church is once again participating in the Indiana Crop Hunger Walk to help end hunger one step at a time. This year is especially important because of the number of food giveaways that have happened since March. Those pantry shelves need replenishing.

The Walk is officially on Sundays, September 13 and 20, but you can do it anytime.

-- This year, our team will be self-guided to ensure the safety of all participants. It can be a walk, run, bike ride, rock on your rocking chair, glide on your porch swing, or even a stride on your treadmill.

-- Do your walk on any day or days chosen by you and your family using our traditional route, your neighborhood, on a beach, or the Hoodlebug, or Ghost Town trails – you pick!

-- Or you can skip the physical part completely and simply make a donation.

Take some pictures of your walk and send them to Becky Becker at dcam695@gmail.com so we can tell Calvary’s Crop Hunger Walk story after we’re done. Feel free to be creative and share them on your own social media pages while encouraging others to support our cause.

Please use the links on this page to join and/or donate to our team today! 

If you would like to donate to our team by check please make your check payable to CWS and mail to:

Calvary Presbyterian Church
695 School Street
Indiana, PA. 15701

For more details about the walk, including the 2020 CROP Walk Prayer and a map of our traditional walk, please visit our website at:


Worldwide and locally, too many children in our world today do not have enough food. Please join us in the fight to end hunger.



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