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Kansas City-Heart of America CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 14
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Please Support my Hike in the Grand Canyon to Fight Global Hunger on Nov. 3

Dave Wooldridge

Dear Friend,

Each year since 2010, my friend Paul Chan has completed a 50-mile South Rim to North Rim to South Rim trek in the Grand Canyon within a 24-hour period to raise awareness about global hunger and to walk in solidarity with those who are less fortunate than we. In total, he and a small group ascend nearly 11,000 feet in elevation during the 2 climbs, and also descend ~11,000 feet in the same day.

This year, I am joining Paul in this effort on Nov. 3rd. The money we raise goes to CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty), which is run by Church World Service and has programs in over 20 countries throughout the world. With a vision that hunger assistance should go beyond just a hand-out, the funds we raise support potable water projects, which reduce diarrheal infections, free up girls to go to school and allow women to pursue other economic projects for income generation (see: youtube.com/watch?v=AcDPzQeLLlk). The funds also support latrines and public hygiene initiatives to reduce rates of severe diarrhea, which remains the #2 killer of children under 5 years of age worldwide, as well as income-generating micro-business projects which empower poor people with greater access to disposable income.

Over the last 8 years, this unique Grand Canyon trek has raised nearly $588,000 from over 600 individuals throughout the country. During the day of the walk, we will keep you posted on our progress with our GPS tracker and email updates.

Please consider supporting me in this tremendous hike and these programs. Twenty-five percent of the money stays locally, going to support hunger programs in the Kansas City area, and the remaining 75% funds more sustainable solutions to hunger and health in developing nations. We are deeply appreciative of anything you can give to our efforts.

So, please join with us in the fight against poverty and hunger. Simply click on the "Donate" button on the right side of this web page, and you will be on your way to helping us reach our goals!!

With deep gratitude for your generous support,



raised of $7,500 goal


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1. BSBakul Sangani
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3. DDoug
May the journey enhance your perspective forever.
4. RRob
Go, Dave! I hope you find it a rewarding and inspiring experience. A great way to raise awareness for a great cause.
5. SLSally Ling
Walk for all of us! Be safe!
6. BRBrenda Rogers
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