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Loveland CROP Hunger Walk Saturday, October 6

God is still speaking ... we're fighting hunger together!

First Congregational Church UCC

The mission statement of First Congregational Church is:

Calling upon our church’s rich ancestral history, we rise to acknowledge that Jesus is our Savior. Graced by God’s love, we respond by following the example of Jesus. Encouraged by Jesus, we promote personal Christian learning and growth through a caring congregational family. Empowered by God, we go out and strive to make Christ’s Church and the world a better place through our thoughts, efforts and prayers.

And so, we welcome the opportunity to help support the CROP Hunger Walk and the life changing efforts of Church World Service!

First Congregational Church is a church whose affairs are managed by it members. It provides the widest liberty in matters of doctrine and policy. The members are bound together by the following covenant:

This church freely accords to each individual member unrestricted liberty of conscience, depending, as did our forebears, upon the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth.

We invite you to come and be a part of our community of faith, to come and be blessed by God’s grace in our midst. We invite you to come to First Congregational Church to grow spiritually and to find welcome at God’s table. We invite you to come and share your gifts so that we can all become full participants in God’s service. Our vision is to be an inclusive, vibrant, alive, witnessing community of faith.

Please support us by making a donation ... and join us on the Walk!


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