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Martha's Vineyard, MA CROP Hunger Walk-a-Thon Thursday, October 1

The United Methodist Church of Martha's Vineyard is fighting hunger together!

United Methodist Church Of Martha's Vineyard

This year we must WALK TOGETHER APART!

The Island Food Pantry and food banks everywhere are seeing significant increases in their use, and COVID-19 has the potential to double the rate of extreme hunger around the world. Over our first 29 years, the MV CROP HUNGER WALKS have raised $533,407 to benefit the poor and hungry around the world and on our island. In 2019, we raised $34,764, our best fund-raising ever. In this time of the pandemic, we need to raise even more! We will not allow the COVID CLOUD to cancel our 30th-anniversary CROP WALK! We have planned a SAFE, SOCIALLY DISTANCED WALK in which you all may participate as WALKERS and FUNDRAISERS.

You may want to walk the Campground, beach, trail, labyrinth, or your living room. You may want to be more creative by biking, kayaking, dancing, or practicing Tai Chi! As Phil Ditterich said, "if you can take ten steps from your favorite chair to your kitchen table, please consider becoming one of our Methodist walkers." We invite you to walk wherever you are, whatever distance you choose, and in whatever way your condition may allow. The funds we raise can make the difference of life or death for hungry neighbors here and around the nation and world.

Please donate to our team and become a channel of God's abundant love and grace!


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When Beth Gillig asks you better do what she says :) Good luck with your fundraiser. We need more people to step up like this!
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Matching funds from Gretchen’s challenge. Congratulations Dad and Mom!
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