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Martha's Vineyard, MA CROP Hunger Walk-a-Thon Thursday, October 1
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Let's fight against hunger together

Phil And Jane Dietterich

Psalmist: How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?
Walker: How can we walk the CROP WALK safely in this strange world?
Our answer: We’ll hum our hymns and we’ll WALK APART TOGETHER!

The Island Food Pantry and food banks everywhere are seeing significant increases in their use, and COVID-19 has the potential to double the rate of extreme hunger here and around the world.

We promise to walk the CROP HUNGER WALK-A-THON from October 1 to October 18, and we seek your support to fight hunger.

Last year we had over 200 record-breaking fundraising walkers. Because of the novel coronavirus, Massachusetts guidelines currently allow gatherings of no more than 50 people.
This year we’ve had to create an entirely different design—a novel CROP HUNGER WALK-A-THON!

The 30th Annual Island Crop Walk will be transformed into an 18-day creative event: Walkers choose their own courses (indoors or outdoors), choose their own distances (1,000 steps to miles per day). They choose their mode (walk or run, bike or skateboard, kayak or dance). The walk may be tailored to each individual’s capability. A person may walk alone or with friends or family wearing masks and social distancing where necessary.

Phil will be walking every day of the CROP Hunger Walk-A-Thon, and will continue exploring the Island's beautiful beaches, forging new paths through nature, and having escapades in deserted golf courses. Jane will be walking, but will leave the adventure and high jinks mostly to Phil.

Please support us in this effort to combat hunger and malnutrition here locally on the Vineyard (25% of funds raised) and for Church World Service hunger projects in this country and around the world (75%).

You might even become a fundraising walker yourself by creating a page for the web and joining our team—United Methodist Church of Martha’s Vineyard. You can be a walker anywhere, and can find out more information about the Martha's Vineyard CROP Hunger Walk-A-Thon here or on our Facebook website here.

Love, hope, and peace during this strange era,
Phil and Jane



raised of $1,000 goal


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1. WJWilliam D Peek Jr.
2. AMAlice Morse
3. LMLiza Morse
When Beth Gillig asks you better do what she says :) Good luck with your fundraiser. We need more people to step up like this!
4. Gretchen Gillig
Matching funds from Gretchen’s challenge. Congratulations Dad and Mom!
5. MHMary Grace Hamme
Good job Phil and Jane! Sending love and support from Boston!
6. SGSarah Gillis
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