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Mid-Peninsula CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, November 15

We're fighting hunger together!

St. Mark's Episcopal PA

Our team is taking action this year to help families living with hunger. We're asking everyone who can to help St. Mark's Episcopal reach these two goals:

1) more meals for the growing number of people who need them in our community, by supporting the Ecumenical Hunger Program and

2) more food security around the world, especially in the developing countries ravaged by COVID-19.

Post a photo of yourself, wearing a mask and walking, and use the hashtag #midpencropwalk

Please donate to our team today to make these goals a reality! 

- St. Mark's Episcopal Palo Alto



raised of $1,500 goal

2 Walkers

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Recent Donations

1. KAKirk And Beth Arnoldy
2. KTKeri Thrall
Thank you for all you do, Mary Beth!
3. WSWendy Sinton
Thank you Mary Beth for your tireless efforts to fight hunger.
4. HBHoward Blazzard
Mary Beth, I am so glad we connected at Family Fashion Haircutters 2 years ago. What a long way that lovely family has come!
6. JLJonathan Luk