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Greater Nashua CROP Hunger Walk Thursday, October 1

Fighting hunger together!

Congregational Church Of Amherst

We'd like to invite everyone in our Church community to help support this year's Crop Walk.

To allow for social distancing, the walk will take place over the entire month of October. Rather than asking everyone to walk together on the same day, it will be a virtual walk this time. Participants are encouraged to walk alone, or with their family or a small group of friends.

Here is one possible route through Amherst Village for your Virtual Crop Walk:


You can support this effort by registering now as a walker and member of our Church's team, and/or by making a pledge to help provide:

1) more meals for the growing number of people who need them in our community, and
2) more food security all around the world.

Please register for our Crop Walk team now, and make a pledge to help turn these goals into a reality.

World Service Committee
Congregational Church of Amherst NH


raised of $1,500 goal

2 Walkers

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We enjoyed walking with you today!
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