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Hunger Walkathon West (Oak Park Area) CROP Walk Sunday, May 3

Let's Dedicate Ourselves to Reducing Hunger during this Pandemic and Beyond!

Cluster Tutoring

TODAY, more than ever, during this pandemic, the mission of The Crop Walk is VITAL...to end hunger in our community and around the world. It is ironic that during a time of enhanced need to feed those who are food deprived our annual CROP WALK must "morph" into an all out VIRTUAL effort. But we need to surpass previous fundraising goals! Please join our team and set a personal fundraising goal on behalf of Cluster Tutoring and the Crop Walk. Our snack program depends on it and people in our community and globally will be grateful for these efforts to end their hunger.
Thank you!


raised of $1,800 goal

2 Walkers

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