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Daviess County/Owensboro CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, September 27
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Let's fight against hunger together

Claudia Ramisch

Once again I'm raising funds to assist families who are living with hunger. What with the pandemic, the derecho, and now hurricanes, the number of families concerned about their next meal is on the rise.

The CROP Hunger Walk is one way we can take action for someone experiencing hunger; it means we can give them something to eat. My goal is to assist as many people as I can...that's why I'm fundraising for more meals in my community and for long-lasting solutions to hunger around the world like community gardens and small-scale farming.

As always, I would love it if you could help through a donation of participation, prayer, or money--or any combination thereof! This year we are all walking in our church neighborhoods. I will miss being able to share the fellowship with the other churches, but I look forward to being visible to our neighbors. If your church isn't participating, I'd encourage you to donate to our team--and take a walk in your neighborhood on Sunday, 27 Sept @ 2 pm local time.

Thank you for helping--every donation matters!

- Claudia



raised of $500 goal


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