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Pasadena, CA CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 29
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Hunger is stupid!

Tim Nistler

When it comes down to it, hunger is, simply put, stupid. There really is no other way to say it. We should not have 1 in 6, or 1 in 7, people in this country struggling with hunger on a daily basis. It's absurd.

I've been in the fight against hunger, working at Friends In Deed, since January 2, 2013. In my time at Friends In Deed, I've come to know many wonderful, beautiful individuals and families that face the issue of food insecurity on a regular basis. If you saw these folks on the street, you would have no idea that many are in this fight. That's because they look just like us. They are us and we are them. We just can't let this continue.

This is my 5th year participating in the Pasadena CROP Hunger Walk. And I am glad to not only participate, but also serve, with a team of caring, passionate individuals, on the committee that puts the Pasadena CROP Hunger Walk together every year.

I'm excited to again be part of this important Walk, fighting against hunger locally, across the country, and globally. Help me make a difference in this fight.

- Tim



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Hunger is stupid
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