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Pittsburgh East CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 11
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Let's fight against hunger together

Pamela Twiss

We're walking as a team to raise funds to assist families who are living with hunger. While we are walking "socially distanced" this year, we are still united in our commitment. Will you help us? As you know, many are without work and struggling to feed themselves and their families. The situation here and abroad is not likely to improve soon. The number of families concerned about their next meal is on the rise.

The CROP Hunger Walk means we can take action for someone experiencing hunger; it means someone will get enough to eat. My goal is to assist as many people as I can...that's why I'm fundraising for more meals in my community and for long-lasting solutions to hunger around the world like community gardens and small-scale farming. CROP is an organization with a long history and is well known for its commitment to building long-term solutions and dedicating most of what is received to direct assistance.

We would love it if you could help through a donation! The steps we take and the funds we raise will make a real impact! Please support our team at Sixth or an individual walker in the team. I would be deeply honored to walk in your name.

- Pamela



raised of $250 goal


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1. TTTom Twiss
Congratulations, Pamela! Love, Tom
2. SKSue Koehler
Thank you for walking, Pam!
3. Pamela Twiss
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