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Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 18
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Be the Heart & Sole of CROP Hunger Walks

Janis Iwanyk

I'm raising funds to support local and global programs assisting families who are living with hunger. 2020 is the 40th Anniversary of the Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk. It's also proving to be a year of extra challenges for all of us. As we work together to survive this pandemic, I hope you will join me to help ensure that we don't forget those who will have an even more difficult time this year to provide for themselves and their families.

In the Red Bank Area of Monmouth County, we hope to continue our success of raising funds. We've raised over $100,000 each year over the past 20 years. Please join me to help us reach our goal.

We are all discovering ways to manuver this difficult time and virtual planning and fundraising is more important than ever. The programs we support can't wait until we recover to help. The needs of many are greater than ever before. Think of people that don't have soap and water and how much more difficult it will be for them to stay safe from this virus. Think of those facing job loss, housing and food insecurity. The list goes on. I'm grateful that I can help.

I would love it if you would help by making a donation!

- Janis



raised of $750 goal


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