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Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 18
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It's a simple request. Responding generously is a (modestly) feel-good moment.

Ken Glossbrenner

It's sad, but there is more need out there than ever. If you are hungry, if you are alone, or if you are scared, there are people who care. The Church World Service CROP people really do care. I also *try* to be one of those who care and give hope. At the very least though I am one of the fortunate ones who can give a decent amount of money and just a little bit of time.

The annual CROP Hunger Walk is an easy way for those who are fortunate to take action on behalf of those experiencing hunger. Giving from the heart means someone will get enough to eat. My goal then is to assist as many people as we can... that's why I'm fundraising with CWS - more meals in my community and more for long-lasting solutions to hunger around the world.

Honestly of course, CWS CROP is one of my biggest efforts every year, in part because Sue is still doing this with me. Thank you for continuing to inspire me, Sue.

I would love it if we who consider ourselves fortunate could all pitch in! Maybe if we all had the time and expertise we could ourselves be working soup kitchens, teaching healthy farming, preserving safe sources of water, distributing, educating, etc. etc... But at least we have money. With this money will are supporting those who can do all that. Please give, and may God continue to bless us all,

- Ken



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