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Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, October 18

We're fighting hunger together!

40th Anniversary Team

Our team is taking action this year to help families living with hunger. We're asking everyone who can to help 40th Anniversary Team reach these two goals:
1) more meals for the growing number of people who need them in our community, and
2) more food security around the world.

Please donate to our team today to make these goals a reality! 

- 40th Anniversary Team



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Recent Donations

Hoping for a sunny Sunday and victory on 11/3!
2. JJP Custom Framing
3. JSJanie Schildge
This donation is to thank Sally Saltzbart for her help in our 40th Crop Walk with a dynamic fundraising message to our Coordinating Committee. We can do this with the help of those who really care about reaching out in community. Thank you Sally!
4. BMBobbi McCarthy
Sara Swijter is donating in Bobbi McCarthy's name to the 40th anniversary Teem and will take reimbursement from RBCW checking account (where Bobbi's $300 donation was deposited originally but should have been deposited to 40th Anniverary Teem).
5. SSSara Swijter
I am a student attending the online art history class given by Mil Wexler Kobrinski. Mil is generously donating our tuition to Red Bank Crop Walk. Mil, here's my $100! Thank you for your grear class and for your support to Crop Walk!!
6. HYHeather Morrison Yaden
Janie, I remember you so well and you impacted my life and ministry. Thank you. I was Assoc. Pastor at Rumson Presb. Ch.1987-1990, and am preaching on Matthew 10:40-42 this week, and am using you as an example of offering a cup of cold water. I am now an Interim Pastor at PC of Chatham Township, and was thrilled to see that you are still overseeing the CROP Walk and doing this important work. Thank you for all you taught me about leadership and faith and hope and doing and serving in mission, and for how you nurtured me and my ministry. I hope you and George are well. Thank you for all you have done in these decades of volunteerism. Thank you for 40 years of work and fighting hunger. Grace and Peace, Heather Morrison Yaden