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Renton CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, May 3
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Walk virtually.   Give online.   Change the world.

Walkers have reported $11,745 in online and offline gifts!
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Update on the coronavirus and virtual CROP Hunger Walk resources. Click here.

Welcome to our Virtual Renton Crop Hunger Walk!  CWS is already helping in New York and other areas with cleaning supplies, blankets and more in this pandemic COVID-19 crisis time. 

Here in Renton, the six food agencies we are supporting are Salvation Army of Renton, ARISE men’s shelter, Margie Williams Helping Hands food bank, St Vincent de Paul food bank, REACH Meal Coalition and REACH Center of Hope family shelter.  All are truly in need of food more than ever before and our virtual walk will help to make a huge difference here locally.  With any donations online, this makes things so much safer for anyone handling funds, and I strongly recommend this.  It also makes your funds available instantly for CWS to use.

Let’s make this our funnest walk yet!  Send your pictures to our Renton CROP Hunger Walk Facebook page the day of walk or even before.  Jeff and my goal is to do 4-5 mile walks as much as possible before the walk with a goal of 120+ miles. After all, the people we are walking for often have to walk 6 miles every day for food, water, and more.  We name a place for each of our walks and pray for people of these places. Take pictures!

Thanks for walking and donating.  Have a great CROP Hunger Walk and “like” our Facebook Renton CROP Hunger Walk Page. 

Together, we can help end hunger in our community and around the world.

Teams and Walkers

Select A Team:

virtual walk in a safe none crowed area

Renton area or where ever you are, WA 98058

Sign In Time:
1:30 p.m.

Walk Time:
1:30 p.m. or when you can

Walk Distance:
6 miles or what ever you can

Sharon  Kenyon