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Shallotte/S. Brunswick CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, November 4
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Bonita LeGoullon

I can’t believe the walk day is this Sunday, November 4. It’s been a long journey since my last message. Hurricane Florence dissemated large portions of South Brunswick County and my own neighborhood. Then we had the threat of Michael. But he had little effect. But we are all suffering “hurricane fatigue”. And looking forward to brighter days.

On Sunday I am walking to end hunger, in my own county as well as areas around the world. It was annoying to go without electric for four days, but what if no electricity is the norm not the chance. We have had boil water alerts, but suppose unclean water was all that is available.

CWS was there for us after the hurricane. And they are there for poor countries around the world. Our need may be different from theirs, but CWS is there for all of us.

Please walk with me on Sunday by sponsoring my walk. Just hit the donate button and follow the directions. Thank you.

- Bonita



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1. jlJoseph Longo
Go Bonita !!
2. JMJennifer Murphy
Every little bit helps! Really hope it's a success, you've worked hard to serve others and we're proud of you. Love, BJSG
3. RSRobert Scheydt
4. JCJeanne Cowley
5. JLJohn LeGoullon
Mom you Rock! You’re my inspiration of HOPE!
6. JJohn LeGoullon