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Venice CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, February 23
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Let's fight against hunger together

Wendy Seeley

CROP Hunger Walks are community-wide events that bring people together in this common mission to raise funds to provide permanent solutions to hunger. I know that together we will do amazing things like establish community gardens, fund small business loans, provide livestock to struggling farmers and much more!

Among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Florida ranks sixth in the rate of child food insecurity. Despite the affluence of this area, Sarasota County’s overall rate of food insecurity is 14.3%, but the rate for children is 25%. One in four children go to bed hungry! Almost 60,000 residents in Sarasota County are struggling to put food on the table, and some still are not eligible for food stamps.

Imagine what these numbers would be without All Faiths Food Bank, local food pantries, churches and generous organizations? If you already support the hungry in some way, thank you! If not, here is an opportunity for you to make a difference right here in Venice! Please consider making a donation to feed a hungry child!

I'm excited to be part of this and would love to have you join me on this journey. The steps we take - and the funds we raise - will make a real impact!

Warm wishes, Wendy



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Wendy, This is such a wonderful cause! Thank you for taking the time to do this. Carol
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