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Heart of Texas CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, November 15
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Walk.   Give.   Change the world.

Our community believes in ending hunger. And, in 2020, we will continue to fight against the new challenges of disease and disaster that leave people hungry. Join with us in raising funds to help neighbors near and far get the meals they need this year.

Walkers have reported $2,466.11 in online and offline gifts!
Find more details here.

The CROP Hunger Walk may be Virtual, but the need could not be more real: cwsglobal.org/looking-ahead-the-long-term-cost-of-covid-19/
How should you prepare? 
1) Register yourself (and your team if you are Team Captain) here!
2) Like us on Facebook
3) Invite people to walk with you and/or donate - so get started NOW because the need is GREAT!
Join us for our Virtual Send-off for all the Heart of Texas CROP Hunger Walkers at 3pm on November 15 via our Facebook page!
Walk around your block, walk around your neighborhood, walk in a local park, or simply walk around your living room! You can walk individually or with your team (if walking with your team, please observe proper social distancing, mask wearing and limit the number of individuals to around 10 or whatever maximum number is permitted by the Department of Health at that time- which may require your team to walk in a couple of groups).
SHARE YOUR PHOTOS! We want to see YOU and YOUR TEAMMATES! Share your photos with us by posting them to our Facebook page

We are still walking together, even though we're physically apart and we want to be able to share that with our community!
Together, we can help end hunger in our community and around the world.

Teams and Walkers

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