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Cedar Valley CROP Hunger Walk Thursday, October 1
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Walk.   Give.   Change the world.

Our community believes in ending hunger. And, in 2020, we will continue to fight against the new challenges of disease and disaster that leave people hungry. Join with us in raising funds to help neighbors near and far get the meals they need this year.

Walkers have reported $2,260 in online and offline gifts!
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The Cedar Valley CROP Hunger Walk IS HAPPENING this year but in a new way!

Join us – virtually - as we continue our shared commitment to stand up for the poor, the forgotten, those left behind. Help raise funds and awareness to provide permanent solutions to hunger, poverty, displacement, and disaster. We welcome your congregation’s participation with us in seeking to relieve hunger locally and globally this year.

 Instead of everyone walking on the same day, we’re calling for a CROP Season.
Just as individual farmers decide the best time to harvest their crops, we are encouraging each congregation to choose when and how to promote the walk to their people any time in October. If your congregation is still meeting on-line, consider making a virtual minute-for-mission to insert, or using some of the many promotion materials available at https://resources.crophungerwalk.org/virtual-walks/

 Instead of everyone walking the same route, we’re calling it a Do-It-Yourself CROP Walk. To keep everyone safe, individuals can choose where, when, and how far to walk - either alone, with immediate family or in small groups walking a safe distance apart. All ages, children through senior citizens, are welcome to participate!

 Instead of sending a packet full of checks and cash to our treasurer, we are encouraging congregational teams and individuals to consider signing up online. 

 If you don’t choose that method, we encourage each congregation to collect the money from their participants altogether and then send one check from the congregation for Church World Service/CROP. Checks can be sent to CROP Walk Treasurer, First United Methodist Church, 718 Clay Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613.

 We won’t be asking for cookies from your congregation this year, but we would appreciate it if each congregation had someone who would keep track of the number of walkers (including ALL the members of family groups), and about how far each person or group walked so that we could estimate the total participation and miles walked.

 As many have found with on-line worship, this challenge can open the door for reaching out to people to participate who may not have done so previously. Almost everyone is walking in some way these days – on the trails and streets, on treadmills, within retirement communities on a treadmill, with family or friends, etc. Encourage people to dedicate one of their walks as a CROP Walk. At the start, pause to ponder and pray for those we are walking for who have to walk miles each day for food, water, education, etc. Make a commitment to give generously and invite others to support you in your walk with a gift to help alleviate hunger locally and around the globe. Also, those who don’t walk can donate to support your congregation’s team of walkers.

The work of our local hunger agency - the Northeast Iowa Food Bank – continues, and 25% of the walk proceeds will go to feed hungry people here. The other 75% will go to feed vulnerable people around the world through Church World Service’s many programs.

Together, we can help end hunger in our community and around the world.

Teams and Walkers

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Virtual Walk Information:
The 2020 CROP Hunger Walk is virtual, but the need could not be more real!

Brad Braley
(319) 610-3372